Difference between Laptop and Tablet

Today computers have become the part of everyone’s life. Now the features of computer are available in different models. We all have heard about laptops and tablets. These are also the different models of computer. Most of us are even using them for several and different purposes.


People today are fully dependent on technology and do almost all the work by using the latest available machines and gadgets. For example we use cars to travel long distances in just few minutes and use a mobile phone or a telephone to communicate with a people far away. Similarly, we use computers to do our everyday tasks and almost all official work is done on computers now. As if this was not enough, the age of desktop computers is also somewhat past us as it is common to work on laptops and tablets instead of the traditional desktop computers as a few decades ago. Although most tasks can be performed on either of the two, there are certain difference between them with regard to features and limitations.

Laptop is a personal computer, which is portable too. Its most of the component is as same as desktop such as keyboard, it also has a display but in spite of mouse it has touchpad and has speakers in a single unit. Its power storage is a chargeable battery. It can also be known as notebook and ultrabook. Most of the modern laptop has a webcam. Laptops are portable personal computers which are light weighted.

Tablets are just simple mobile computers. It has touch screen in spite of mouse. Tablets use virtual hide-able keyboard which is generally used for typing. It lies between smartphone and laptop in size which is 7 inch diagonally. Tablets can be connected to physical keyboard and input devices.

But if you’re planning to buy a tablet or laptop and don’t know the difference between them, then let me tell you that there are several differences between laptops and tablets. These differences are based on storage capacity, compatibility and many more features. We can’t say which one is better because in some cases tablets are better than laptops and in other cases laptops are better. Difference between laptops and tablets are given in the below lines.

Difference Between Laptops and Tablets

A laptop is a portable computer and a tablet is a touch screen computer device
Laptops are bigger, heavier and thicker than tablets
Laptops contain a physical keyboard whereas tablets have on-screen keyboards
Laptops have trackpads for a mouse; tablets have touch screen for all functions
Tablets have longer battery life whereas laptops have a lower battery life-this is mainly because of the fact that laptops need to power greater devices within the computer system
The battery of laptops is large and is detachable; the battery of tablets is not detachable
Some tablets have a slot for inserting a sim-card; laptops do not have a slot for sim-card
Tablets don’t have CD or DVD rom
Both can have software upgrades
Laptops can be upgraded but tablets cannot be upgraded (in terms of hardware); there are certain slots for RAM in laptops that allow upgrades, hard drives can also be upgraded; tablets’ hardware cannot be upgraded
On average, laptops have greater features and are therefore more expensive than tablets

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