Lyrics: Mr K9 – Party & BS

mr-k9-party-bs-igotell-com_Lyrics: Mr K9 – Party & BS

intro: (conversations)

it feels like yesterday you walked away and i
no i ain’t been the same ever since you left
how could you walk away you knew damn well that i
baby i needed you i ain’t ashamed to admit , no

damn i can’t believe that i ain’t let it go
moved on then found out it’s a merry-go
keep coming back baby you’re the crack i’m the addict and i’m feigning lemme hit that
gimme gimme some of that good loving

everytime i’m in lekki
you be coming over just to get me
then we hit your favorite spot get a frappucino from paris deli

me plus you , a dinner for two , we getting a room so be ready for the marathon
we can do whatever you want , you know i’m a freak and i know you bout to get it on
ooooh we about to get it on , gaddamn we about to get it on
girl you know how we do , whenever we do whatever we do girl nobody gotta know

ma je k’on gbo n’kpa e , (keep it on the low , aaan , just keep it on the low)
sebi won lo’n wa e , (let nobody know , oooo , don’t let nobody know)
pull up in a whip somewhere by the crib then it’s just you and me
slide on over on this , show me what it do , oo oo

we used to just party & bullshit
just party & bullshit
just party & bullshit
just party & &

it’s been a while baby how you been?
many times i tried to do the right thing
hit you up yea wassup baby what’s it been?
2 yrs , 5 months & a couple weeks……but i ain’t do it though

i was outchea , on ma grind
putting in the work tryna get that overtime
but today girl i’ve been thinking bout a lot
by the way though , how’s your lil girl and her pops

oh shit…….too much information
sorry i couldn’t resist the temptation
girl i’m so lost
and i’m hoping you feeling the same , we shouldn’t be friends we should be more , this sucks

shit , tell me what to do babe
tell me how to find my way back to you babe
oh no
nne gwa’m biko kwuonu , lekwa mu lekwa gi
we don’t have to let it go to waste , no

(let it go to waste , no baby , oh ye)


(produced by monte booker)

september 2016

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