Slim Jesus – Who Run It Freestyle Lyrics

Slim Jesus Who Run It Freestyle Lyrics -

Slim Jesus Who Run It Freestyle Lyrics

If You are Searching Lyrics Of Who Run It Freestyle Song By Slim Jesus then you are on the right post. Without wasting more time lets jump on to Who Run It Who Run It Freestyle Free Song Lyrics.

Who Run It Freestyle Lyrics by Slim Jesus

Ayy, ayy, gang
Y’all know how the fuck I’m rockin’ man
I’m hearin’ a whole lot of talk about who run this shit
I be countin’ stacks

Who run Ohio, that’s me
Which one of y’all hotter than me?
Leave the beat like a hundred degrees
And it’s still all this ice on me
Who getting plays like me?
Who getting paid like me?
Y’all was not made like me
And I put that on my G’s
Remember they hated on me
I knew all I needed was cheese
Ran it up and I blew it on jeans
Had to run it back up times three
None of y’all wanna be like me
Run around with them pipes like me
Fresh pair of Off-Whites on my feet
Gold chain on a Polo white tee
In a trap with a whole lot of P’s
Smoking dope ’til we Vietnamese
I threw bro lil thirty
He threw like fifty to me
All of these rappers is broke
That shit be sickening to me
You blew the whole bag on the road
You look like a victim to me
I just pulled up in a foreign
And you got a Honda on E
All black tints on all my whips
‘Cause I know they’re looking for me
Just know wherever I go
It’s a glizzy with me right up under the seat
I give a fuck what you claiming you is
You can get touched with the heat
I remember being irrelevant
Now I get bands for all of my feats
Remember totin’ tourists
Now we got AR’s that’s chopping down trees
It’s a fifty on bro and a thirty on me
You don’t really really want the beef
You can talk that shit on the internet
Run up, get done up, get wrapped up in sheets
They was talking crazy last night
‘Til a hundred shots hit they block
I don’t even know who got hit with that shit
But we smoking all opps
Everywhere I go I’m with the gang
It’s at least three or four of them Glocks
If you speaking on who run it, ain’t say my name, you smoking on rocks
I’m in the street like fuck 12, bitch I’m off the Henny
You can find me with the gang ’cause I don’t fuck with many
Them my brothers, if I’m busting they gon’ dump it with me
They know I’m a threat and that’s the reason they ain’t fucking with me, gang

Y’all know how the fuck I’m comin’ man
I don’t wanna hear no more talk about who run this shit
Any of these rappers got a motherfuckin’ problem, tell ’em get up with me
Y’all know where the fuck I be at, gang
Who run it?

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