Wizkid ft. D’Prince – Wad Up Lyrics

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Wizkid ft. D’Prince Wad Up Lyrics

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly and professionally called Wizkid, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He started recording music at age 11 and managed to release a collaborative album with the Glorious Five, a group he and a couple of his church friends formed.

In 2009, he signed a record deal with Banky W.’s record label Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E). He rose to prominence in 2010 with the release of the song “Holla at Your Boy” from his debut studio album, Superstar.

Today, we bring you one of Wizkid‘s hit songs titled Wad Up.

Wad Up Lyrics by Wizkid ft. D’prince

Hmmn Wad up

[Verse 1 – Wizkid]
back in the days when the girls them see me
all of them no want tell me
wad up
even the guys them see me for street
them say I too dirty
so no wad up
but right now when them see me pass
all of them, them tell me wad up
them see drive pass, see my new car
even the girls all of them say wad up
Back in the days oh
they no know me so no Wad up
I’m making my money now
now them them take form say wad up
Back in the days they no know me for the inside orise (side orise)
For surulere
pe orimi foka sibe (foka sibe)
Wad up
see me pass I no send you
If you no send me, me I no send you
I dey do my thing my way, Samklef on the beat right now, say Wad up
Je n, Je n r’owo e loke
Hmmn Wad up
Je n r’owo e loke
Hmmn Wad up

Now when them see me pass
them throw, them throw me twale
them see me pass your hood fam
them throw me, say throw me t’wale
Back in the days I used to wear one jeans one shirt
Those girls them no dey tell me wad Up
and they say I too dirty
I no get swagger
so no tell me wad up
But right now them send me
but me I no send you, if you no send me
I dey jonze you dey pay me
I dey my things my way now daily
when I pass your hood all of them they see me
them tell me Wizzy wad up
them see me pass your hood them try to form familiarity
they say say wad Up
I don do song wih people
I don jonz well well so easy
Hmmn don jonze now
them say everyday I’m Jonzing

[Verse 2 – D’prince]
who sat and washed my infant head
when sleeping on my craddle bed
when tears and sickness made me cry
if you know send me
guy make you try to go hug transformer
shebi na dem talk say all the song wey I sing e get some comma
Jazzy don talk say
all the things una yarn, e say all na grammer
me I don learn many things
from the words of my grand mama
Thank God for the new me (thank God for the new me)
now people want to know me (now people want to know me)
back then when they saw me (back then when they saw me)
them say them no know me (back then when they saw me)
so if you no know me
Shut up
if you want know me
Wad up
Iyeyeye yeyeye
I dey give am to them as a Omoba
Them dey give it to me as a Omoba
I say omoba
Wizzy, wizzy and Omoba

je n rowo loke
Hmmn Omoba
loke na
Wizzy, wizzy and Omoba
loke na, Omoba, Hmmn yea
loke na
Wad up
Wa-wad up
Wad up
Wa-wa-wad up

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