Yung L – Banger Lyrics Ft. ______________

Yung-L-Banger-igotell.com_LYRICS: Yung L – Banger Ft. ______________

yo yo
Marley on deck
Me wan to lowo, me wan to lola
Me wan to l’alafiya

Mr Marley coming with the banger
Tell them make them party
Make them turn up o
Anytime we come, omo na ginger
Pass me the aux make I turn up o
I know you know what I like
If it’s not the money see ogbeni bone the hype
I know u know what I like
Come inna me yard let me switch up your life

Ma lo farawe mi o
No dey downgrade me o X2

Say she want to follow me down to my lungu
Tell her Mr MOD that’s the title
Boy I got shots on shots like a rifle
Me I get more verses than the bible
Eh eh eh
Giving them the vibe anytime that we come
Make them holla say eh eh eh
Ah Mr Marley coming right back with the track

Cos them no we be the wickedest
Higher than the Everest
Killing every track till dem hear us down in Budapest
Burning like a cigarette
Dem fi know say we the best
We don dey worry them, dem wan put us for house arrest
But we ah vex say

Ma lo Farawe mi o
No dey downgrade mi o X2

Mi wan to lowo
Mi wan to lola
Mi wan to l’alafiya

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