These are the S*xiest things you could ever do for any woman

Have you been wondering what thing you can do for your lady to make you appear really s*xy? Then these tips are for you.

Man and woman embracing on bed
When it comes to turning on a woman, you probably know what to do with your hands. And your mouth. And your tongue. But what really gets your girl in the mood to get frisky may surprise you.

Though hot makeout sessions and romantic evenings complete with a bouquet and a bottle of wine are never a bad idea if you want to turn up the passion, there are far simpler things that make a woman attracted to you.

Though everyone is different, take it from these women — of all ages and relationship statuses — who share the s*xiest things that men have ever done for them. (You can thank us later.)


When she’s asking you to take out the trash (for the 100th time), you might want to think again before rolling your eyes. “When I get home from work or the gym and I see him washing the dishes or folding laundry or doing anything that takes less work off of me, I want to jump him right then and there. The thoughtfulness is sweet and it takes weight off my shoulders that gives more time for other things,” says 26-year-old Julie from Boston.

So if you want to get laid more… buy some dishwashing liquid and get to scrubbing.


In all healthy relationships, couples should be able to share their grievances, complaints and frustrations. But if most of your conversations make you sound like you aren’t the confident guy she fell for, you might be selling yourself short in the sack.

“In his life, with his friendships, with his job, in the bed, there are three words that mean so much: be in charge!” says 37-year-old, Lauren from New York. If you want passionate, forward s*xual experiences, create them.


“There’s something really attractive about a man who is a gentleman, is humble and stands up for what he believes in,” says 25-year-old Kristin from North Carolina.

Women listen intently to how you describe things, what’s important to you and how you show compassion for other people. It can be as simple as talking and letting your words match your actions that gets your lady turned on.


“I’ll admit it, I’m a total sucker for charm. There’s just something about a guy who can tell a good joke, steal a hand/kiss or say something to make me weak in the knees at just the right moment,” says 30-year-old Ashley from Philadelphia.

When it comes to being in public, make an effort to make her swoon her just a little: a playful smooch, something silly to make her laugh, anything to show her that while you’re serious about your love, you always enjoy having fun with her, too.


“Hearing stories from acquaintances and friends of his respectfulness when I’m nowhere around, especially when towards them. What you get is his genuine self,” says 29-year-old Jenna from Paris, France.

When a woman can truly trust you — regardless of whether she is around you or apart from you — she is comfortable enough to unleash her sexual side. It builds your relationship and can genuinely help open up fantasies in the bedroom, too.


Good around the tool shed, good in the bed.

“My boyfriend is super handy: really good with appliances, cars, you name it. He uses that engineer brain all of the time and it’s really sexy,” says 27-year-old Nicole from Los Angeles.

Even if you can’t put back together a computer or build a bookcase, if you show initiative to get things done, your lady will view you as someone who takes the lead.


“When I’m getting ready or when we’re sitting at the dinner table and a guy whispers something like ‘You’re beautiful’ or ‘You’re sexy’ in my ear, I can’t wait for us to be alone so we can go at it. I love the reassurance.”

A few simple words at the right time can be enough to push your girlfriend’s buttons and remind her just how attracted you are to her.

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