Graduate MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program At American University of Beirut

16183983706_American_University_of_Beirut_(4694793112)_igotell.com_The faculty of health sciences, American University of Beirut in collaboration with Masters card invites application from International student.

This scholarship is provided to enable applicants from different environment pursue a Masters in Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences at American University of Beirut(AUB).


– Applicant must be an African Student.

– Applicants must have completed bachelor’s degree at an African university.

– Applicants must have good academic background.

– Applicants must be financially disadvantaged.

– Applicants must possess leadership skills.

Application Process

The mode of application is online. Applicants are advised to fill in these two forms

AUB Online Graduate Application Form

MCF additional questionnaire

Additional documents related to the applicant

1. Copy of identity card or passport

2. Two recent passport size photos

3. Official and sealed copy of first and second secondary classes school grades

4. Proof of previous scholarship or financial aid if applicable

5. Certified copy of Official Lebanese Baccalaureate Certificate when available

Additional documents related to the applicant’s family

1. Family civil status record issued within the previous 3 months

2. Employment records (father’s and mother’s income statement)

3. For each dependent child enrolled at school or university; recent school certificate of registration showing annual tuition fees

4. Car registration form for each car owned

5. Proof of home ownership

6. Proof of land ownership

Completed MCF additional questionnaire should be sent alongside required documents to [email protected]

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is on November 2nd 2016

For more information visit the Scholarship Webpage

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