Help! Secret S*x with my brother’s girlfriend is addictive, Now she’s falling for me

A man having s*x with his brother’s girlfriend has asked for help as s*x with her is becoming addictive and she is now falling for him.


I’m having secret s*x with my brother’s girlfriend. I hate sneaking about and lying to my brother but I do really like this woman.

I am 20 and my brother is 22. We have always been close.

We tell each other everything normally but now I have this huge secret and I’m not sure whether I should tell him or not.

I went over to the flat he shares with his girlfriend so we could go on to a pub and then a football game together.

He wasn’t back from work but texted us both to say I should wait for him there.

I hung on for half an hour and chatted to his girlfriend but then he texted to say I should go without him — they were way behind on an order they had to get out that night and he wasn’t going to get away for hours.

I was getting ready to leave but suddenly his girlfriend burst into tears.

She’s 21 and a great-looking girl. She told me how bad things had been with my brother and, as I comforted her, she kissed me.

I pulled away but I couldn’t help myself and we ended up having s*x.

I felt ashamed of myself ­afterwards and she said it had been a mistake.

I thought that would be the end of it but my brother asked her to call in at mine a week later to drop off some PlayStation games he’d borrowed, as she was passing by on her way to see her mum.

We started talking about how it had been a big mistake but it led to us having s*x again.

I hate deceiving my brother but s*x with her feels so right at the time. She says she is falling for me and I really like her, too.

I know how much my brother loves her, though, and this would break him.

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