How to increase the download speed of Airtel 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500 (No App Required)



Hence, I’ll advice whoever want to go for this plans to get another airtel sim or forget you’ll ever use another plan on that sim again for life.

Someone shared this tips and it works so I feel I should share it to using this package.

Airtel new plan

How Can I Make my Airtel 2GB for N200 or 6GB for N500 Work on 3GB Mode?

Once you’ve subscribed on your sim,simply tether the network to other phone or to PC and use the tethered device to browse and download and you will notice an increased speed.

On the smartphone that contains the 2GB data package, turn on your Mobile hotspot, and tether it to other device, while you connect with your WiFi and the speed will be greatly increased.

That is all, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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