Kid Cudi Ordered To Stay Away From Baby Mama

kid_cudi-igotell-com_Kid Cudi Ordered To Stay Away From Baby Mama

A Judge has ruled that rapper Kid Cudi needs to stay away from his baby mama and their 6-year old daughter after she filed a restraining order.

It’s been reported that Cudi’s baby mama, Jacqueline Munyasya filed the order over fear of her life. The former G.O.O.D. Music artist allegedly sent 168 text messages to the her over a period of four days, harassing her and threatening to call child services on her which has caused her emotional distress. She claims the constant harassment has left her in fear.

Kid Cudi handed restraining order

Another time, while she was attending her father’s funeral, she says he blasted her for allowing their daughter to play Pokemon Go, saying he didn’t want his child, named Vada, “hanging around a bunch of white people” and that “Vada don’t look like anyone in your family.”

The judge has granted Munyasya an order of protection against Cudi which stays in effect until August 18 2017. According to the document, Cudi is to stay way from Munyasya. He is also not allowed to communicate with her through texts, emails, phone calls or through third parties.

The drama has lasted for years after Munyasya first took Cudi to court back in a custody battle in 2010. After a back and forth battle she won primary physical custody after the musician threw in the towel. Vada was to stay with her mother while Cudi paid child support.

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