‘Producers Don’t Get Recognition In Nigeria’, Ace Producer Samklef Decries


Renowned producer Samklef talks about being recognised for his work on Wizkid’s ” Starboy”  album.

The producer said he believes his work speaks for him, adding that the recognition Nigerian music is now getting in America can be traced to the ” Starboy”  album and its transition.

There’s something everybody knows is going on in America, most of the stuff we ‘re enjoying today was based on the transition of Wizkid’s album…” Samklef said.

He talks about passion keeping him in the business of producing, adding that passion however is not enough, pointing that the business side of it has to be taken seriously. “ Passion will not buy you clothes, passion will only make you know the job, but if you don’t involve business, then you gonna be broke for life” .

Klef  then went on to explain how producers ought to be getting residual income from they work put in for the artistes as obtainable in climes like the United States of America.

The ‘Molowononi’ singer talks about majority of Nigerians just wanting danceable happy songs, and not certain ones that are not party material. He also answered to a question on whether fans should determine what kind of songs an artiste should create.

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